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Sven Ellsworth Specializes in Architectural and Commercial Photography
including, hotel & resorts, advertising, food, portraits and corporate photography.
Working with discerning brands in developing photography with
lasting impressions that read beyond just an image.


It takes vision to
create the perfect image.
It requires ‘seeing’ how a place or person or object could look.
Creating an image that successfully communicates a brand requires years of experience and a unique
set of skills. Photographers have to combine artistic talent and technical skills – cameras, lenses, and lights – to produce remarkable professional photographs.

Art Directing

An Art Director partners with the photographer to ensure that the creative process produces the best possible images. Skills require a clear understanding and working knowledge of lighting, photo direction and the digital system
and the vision to improve the presentation of the photo medium. The AD will oversee the shoot: make the most of the space, acquire props and set up backgrounds to guarantee the overall assignment
is successful.


Producing ensures the success of a rewarding photo shoot. Where time is money, pre-planning, scheduling and working within a budget are the first and last steps in making it all work. The producer usually hires a director who makes most of the artistic and day to day decisions on the project. Nevertheless, it is the producer – the one who controls the money – who makes all the final decisions. The producer makes sure that the director stays within the budget and follows the production schedule closely.


A Retoucher specializes
in taking an image -
post production -
and enhancing it or creating a
whole new image from various existing photographs. A gifted eye and training are essential to produce the visual details with the most flawless results.